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EcoPledge is the largest student-led environmental advocacy group at Boston College. Members of EcoPledge work together to make Boston College, our Newton-Brighton community, and our global society a more sustainable place. EcoPledge educates and engages our peers in current sustainability topics, including fossil fuel use, energy efficiency, recycling, food waste, environmental racism and many other issues.

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We missed this from theb-line a while ago, but thought we’d re-post if you missed it too!


Have I gotten your attention? At least half of the events you’ve attended on campus probably sparked your interest by offering free food, so why not take a minute to consider the impact of all that consumption.

For the next 10 days you can check out EcoPledge’s art exhibit in the O’Neill Level One Gallery to see how food is affecting your body and the environment:

  • How much waste is generated at Corcoran Commons during one week? (Hint: 0.2% of it is on the wall of the exhibit)
  • What is the weight of all the containers used at Corcoran Commons during an academic year?

Check out the exhibit and become aware!

Also: Harvest Fest will take place in O’Neill Plaza from 12 p.m.-6 p.m. on tomorrow. The band, Melodeggo, will be playing and there will be apple tasting, seasonal produce, recipes, and various fun (and green) activities!

Meaghan McCarthy / Heights Staff